OUTmed for Prospective Faculty, Trainees and Staff

The Department of Medicine and The Washington University School of Medicine strive to create an inclusive environment for all people.  While there is work to be done, groundwork has been laid to advance LGBTQIA+ patients, trainees, and employees.   

OUTmed’s goal is to be present in the St Louis community so we can develop connections for future programming and collaboration.

Are you considering Washington University School of Medicine for residency, fellowship, or employment and interested in finding out more about our LGBTQ+ community? Contact Jennifer Mosher at mosherj@wustl.edu.

OUTmed Summer Kickoff Event for incoming residents to meet current faculty.

The OUTmentor families are based by degree program (MD or PhD).  It consists of an attending, fellow or resident, and medical student, or a PhD faculty, post doc, and PhD student.  Families have a sibling group with the other degree.  Each group meets 2-3x a year and at least once with their sibling group.  The program has now expanded to PhD programs!

Tower Grove Pride Festival

OUTmed at A Tasteful Affair