The overall goal of the Support for Underrepresented Minorities to Connect Engage, Sponsor and Succeed (SUCCESS) Program is to create foundational experiences for trainees by providing a network of sponsors, support, and community that will facilitate  trainee success at WUSM and beyond. It is important to foster and support careers of trainees who belong to underrepresented groups because diverse perspectives and experiences foster academic rigor, creativity, and innovation. In our effort to understand and improve the culture and climate of the Department of Medicine (DOM), the Trainee Inclusion and Cultural Awareness (TICA) Task Force identified issues and concerns related to trainees. The TICA has identified several areas of focus including, but not limited to, community, guidance, advisement, networking, career development, and life-work balance. To address these critical components and to provide assistance for trainees, we have developed the SUCCESS Program.

The SUCCESS program will provide trainees with support, resources, personalized guidance, and engaging opportunities they need to become successful at WUSM and in their future careers.

To learn more about the SUCCESS program, please contact Jen Mosher at